Thursday, December 30, 2004

watch this space..!

The Jersey Bloodhound and I are going to set up a recruitment party for sometime in January, or early February. If you've contacted us and are still interested, please check back here often over the next few weeks for details. It will most likely be in Philadelphia, at either Drinkers Tavern or Lucy's Hat Shop, so come on out and meet us and each other and lets get this thing rollin'!
Have a Happy New Year!
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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hey, y'all!

The Bloodhound and I are still alive and kicking! We've been having a hell of a time recruiting! I can't tell you how many emails we've gotten from girls that seemed really interested and haven't heard anything back, much to our discouragement!HELP!
We have had some promising communications over the past week, though, so maybe we'll actually get this thing off the ground and up on it's wheels soon!
I promise to post more news, good or bad, as it happens.

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