Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Roller Derby at it's best..!

if you missed the action last Sunday night at the She Devils season opener, "Heaven and Hell on Earth!", just click on the picture to see some great photos of the action, courtesy of our friend Whacks!

That's Candi KaBOOM! taking out Classy Chassis!
Make sure y'all get your butts out for the next one!
what say you..?

Monday, March 27, 2006

what a night..!

In front of a sold out crowd at Holiday Skating Center in Delran, New Jersey, the premier bout of the Penn Jersey She Devils was full of hard hitting, high speed and rough and tumble derby action from the first whistle! The Sadistic Sweethearts and the Fallen Angels matched point for point in the first two periods, only to have the Sweethearts succumb to the third period onslaught of the Fallen Angels, who skated like bats out of hell to win the opening series 50 - 35.
Fans were treated to some early action with an on the rink wrestling match between Candi KaBOOM! and Havoc after they both hit the wood, tangled up in some heavy blocking action, prompting an official time out to break it up and assess the penalties. That little tussle led to some hot tempered action for the next few jams, with Sweethearts and Angels hitting the floor and a few skaters winding up in the crowd, giving a few surprised fans a big She Devils "Hi, how are you!".
Among those fans were some of our derby sisters in arms from Harrisburg, PA and Long Island, all great ladies and great supporters and friends of the She Devils, who made the long journey to be on hand for the first night of what promises to be great derby action in the months to come.
Thanks to all the friends, family and fans who came out and showed their love for derby!
Please visit our official web site at for up to the minute news about upcoming bouts and events!
On a personal note, I'd like to thank the owner and staff of Holiday Skating Center for their help and support, our coaches Judy Sowinski and Skip Schoen, our refs Russ, Norm, John, Mike and Skip, our penalty box babes Engine and Jezza Hell, our announcer Mighty Mike Saga, our fans, young and old, and especially you crazy gals who have taken up and proudly wear the mantle of the Penn Jersey She Devils!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Remembering Ann Calvello...

Listen to this from NPR.
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

the world of Roller Derby...

is, sadly, a little less today...

Roller derby queen Ann Calvello dies after cancer bout
By Sandra Gonzales and Rodney Foo
Mercury News

Ann Calvello, a grand doyenne of roller derby whose outrageously dyed hair and brawling spirit made her a Bay Area icon, died Tuesday (3/14/06) in a Peninsula hospital after a brief battle with cancer.

She was 76.

Calvello had been diagnosed with liver cancer just a week ago and had been given four to six months to live, said Bill Prieto, Calvello's life partner of 30 years.

``I'm just in shock. I don't know what to say,'' he said Tuesday night from the San Bruno home they shared. ``She didn't even last a week.''

Prieto said he took Calvello to the emergency room Tuesday after she complained of pain. She died about 3 p.m. at the hospital.

Calvello enjoyed fame as a star on the San Francisco Bay Bombers after helping introduce the rough-and-tumble spectator sport to the country decades ago. Calvello joined her first roller derby team in 1948 when she was only 18.

Her looks earned her the nickname ``Banana Nose,'' and she quickly garnered a reputation as a bad girl because of her splashy clothing and hair color that ranged from purple to green and even polka dots.

Roller derby, a phenomenon that reached its zenith in the 1970s, matched teams of men and women on a banked-track oval where choreographed moves and knockdown brawls were the rule.

Calvello, who also skated professionally in Philadelphia and New Jersey, later was signed to the U.S. team and traveled throughout the world. She became an international legend, packing arenas and dazzling television audiences, at one point earning the moniker Roller Derby Queen.

Calvello continued to entertain crowds even in her later years, skating in charity events well into her 60s. And her influence on the sport still looms large. Teams in a women-only league in Austin compete annually for the Calvello Cup.

Carol ``Peanuts'' Meyers Roman, a former member of the Bombers, remembered getting into a fight with her old teammate on the track. The fight continued in the dressing room.

``She came at me and grabbed me around the waist and head'' and soon equipment was flying around the room, Roman said.

Roman, who was soon to be married, got 17 stitches in her scalp.

The fiery Calvello, who always got the last word, labeled Roman ``Frankenstein's bride.'' Then she volunteered to stand in for Roman as the bride.

She loved the give-and-take of roller derby and was always quick with a jibe, whether kidding about trackside broadcaster Walt Harris' toupee or Jerry Seltzer's attire, hanging the sobriquet of ``Drip Dry'' on the game's impresario.

``Annie would say, `Jerry, as much money as you have, you should buy a better suit than a drip and dry,' '' Roman said. ``That was Annie, she had a name for everybody.''

Roman said Calvello's unbridled wit and mouth kept Harris on his toes during interviews with her.

``It was hard for him to relax with Annie,'' she said. ``He never knew what she was going to say.''

Harris described Calvello as a larger-than-life figure worthy of a book. In 2001, Calvello was the subject of a biographical documentary, ``Demon of the Derby.''

Ever the iconoclast, Calvello was something of a loner to her teammates outside the rink.

``I wasn't one of those who hung around the skaters,'' she told the Mercury News in February. ``I'd go down to North Beach.''

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Monday, March 06, 2006